Journal of Frontiers of Computer Science and Technology ›› 2011, Vol. 5 ›› Issue (6): 562-568.

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Improved Algorithm Based on Rate Monotonic Scheduling

DIAO Cheng, YU Huiqun   

  1. Department of Computer Science and Engineering, East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai 200237, China

  • Received:1900-01-01 Revised:1900-01-01 Online:2011-06-01 Published:2011-06-01


刁 承, 虞慧群   

  1. 华东理工大学 计算机科学与工程系, 上海 200237

Abstract: Scheduling algorithms are one part of the real-time systems of high importance. Rate monotonic algorithm(RM) is a widely used real-time fixed priority algorithm, which has been proved to be optimal. Aiming at the problem that traditional rate monotonic algorithms ignore the time consumption of context switches, this paper proposes a delay preemption rate monotonic algorithm. The algorithm considers the time consumption of context switches, and can reduce the unnecessary preempting behavior to tasks which have lower priorities. The validation is also proved by experiment.

Key words: real-time system, scheduling algorithm, rate monotonic algorithm (RM), delay preemption rate monotonic algorithm

摘要: 实时系统中调度算法起着重要的作用。单调速率调度算法(rate monotonic algorithm, RM)是一种被广泛使用的调度算法, 并且已被证明是一种最佳的静态优先级算法。传统的RM 算法忽略上下文切换需要消耗的时间, 针对此问题, 提出了一种延迟抢占的改进方法。该方法考虑了上下文切换消耗时间对调度算法的影响, 可以减少低优先级任务不必要的频繁抢占。通过实验证明了该方法的有效性。

关键词: 实时系统, 调度算法, 单调速率调度算法, 延迟抢占单调速率调度算法