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Review of Semi-supervised Deep Learning Image Classification Methods

LYU Haoyuan, YU Lu, ZHOU Xingyu, DENG Xiang   

  1. College of Communication Engineering, Army Engineering University of PLA, Nanjing 210007, China
  • Online:2021-06-01 Published:2021-06-03



  1. 陆军工程大学 通信工程学院,南京 210007


As one of the most concerned technologies in the field of artificial intelligence in recent ten years, deep learning has achieved excellent results in many applications, but the current learning strategies rely heavily on a large number of labeled data. In many practical problems, it is not feasible to obtain a large number of labeled training data, so it increases the training difficulty of the model. But it is easy to obtain a large number of unlabeled data. Semi-supervised learning makes full use of unlabeled data, provides solutions and effective methods to improve the performance of the model under the condition of limited labeled data, and achieves high recognition accuracy in the task of image classification. This paper first gives an overview of semi-supervised learning, and then introduces the basic ideas commonly used in classification algorithms. It focuses on the comprehensive review of image classification methods based on semi-supervised deep learning framework in recent years, including multi- view training, consistency regularization, diversity mixing and semi-supervised generative adversarial networks. It summarizes the common technologies of various methods, analyzes and compares the differences of experimental results of different methods. Finally, this paper thinks about the existing problems and looks forward to the feasible research direction in the future.

Key words: semi-supervised deep learning, multi-view training, consistency regularization, diversity mixing, semi-supervised generative adversarial networks



关键词: 半监督深度学习, 多视图训练, 一致性正则, 多样混合, 半监督生成对抗网络